The 3 Best Reliable 2HP Outboard Motors [Review & Buying Guide]

Best 2HP Outboard

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Anyone who has ever had to contend with an unreliable, malfunctioning, or dead outboard motor understands why reliability is so important. A boat motor that is not dependable is a constant source of worry and can put the boat operator and any passengers in potential danger. 

In many ways, finding a reliable outboard motor is more important than finding a boat you like. What, then, are the three best 2HP outboard motors on the market? 

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The 3 Best 2hp outboard Motors That You Can Rely On


1. Torqeedo Travel 603 S Electric 2HP Outboard Motor – Best Overall 


The Travel 603 S Electric 2 HP Outboard Motor is a 2HP equivalent that runs on 600 W input power from an integrated lithium battery that is solar rechargeable, including while in use. It is an ultra-clean and compact motor with instant throttle response, making navigating and maintaining consistent speed easy. 

The 603 S only weighs about 34 pounds (15.5 KG) and comes with an onboard computer with GPS-based range calculation. The GPS range feature ensures that lack of fuel will never be an issue.


  • The weight is difficult to beat
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • On-the-fly solar rechargeable battery
  • Shaft length is longer than average (24.6 inches)


  • Full throttle run time is only about 50 minutes
  • Generally, it is a slower motor

2. Yamaha 2.5HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine


Yamaha has a reputation for reliability. The 2.5 HP Four Stroke is no exception. It has a full-size shift lever, unique for smaller engines, and a feature that makes engaging gears easy. The controls are centrally positioned, and it has a 360-degree steering system that enhances control. 

This 2.5 HP motor has a built-in fuel tank with a see-through design. This feature makes checking gas levels easy.


  • It is a Yamaha, which is virtually synonymous with reliability and longevity
  • Because of its reputation, it holds its value
  • Great fuel efficiency


  • Heavier than most other small outboards out there

3. Tohatsu 2.5hp outboard engine


This light and compact motor will provide needed power but with lower vibration and noise. It also has ultra-low emissions and runs on a front-mounted shift lever. 

The Tohatsu 2.5 possesses 360-degree steering capabilities and a digital CD ignition system that makes starting the motor quicker and easier. It also has instantaneous throttle response and provides much smoother trolling consistency.


  • Has ultra-low emissions
  • Very light and portable
  • Easy to read indicators 
  • Reduced vibration and induction noise


  • Repairs are pricey 
  • Service centers are not readily available

Things To Know Before Buying a Reliable 2hp Outboard Motor Engine


You do get what you paid for when it comes to boat motors. That is not to say there are no bargains or that a super expensive boat motor will always be reliable, but in general, you get a cheap boat motor if you insist on buying an inexpensive boat motor.

Size does matter: If your motor is underpowered, its lifespan will suffer, and it will labor every time you take it out. Conversely, an oversized motor is harder to control when cruising and can beat up your boat.

Cruising speed is deceptive. While technically, the top speed listed in the specs on an outboard motor is accurate, those specs do not account for cargo weight. With a 2HP outboard, provisions for whatever activities you are doing plus your weight will lower both the top and cruising speed of the motor.

Frequently Asked Question 


How fast is a 2HP outboard?


It depends on the boat’s size and weight and the weight of any passengers and cargo. Generally, however, most 2 HP outboard motors have a top speed of about 5 to 6 MPH.

What’s better 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboards?


That depends on what the owner of the motor is looking for. 

A 2 stroke generates more power and has better top-end speech and acceleration. 2 strokes also tend to be louder. 

4 strokes are more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and the parts do not have as much wear and tear because they are immersed in oil. 4 strokes are also heavier because they have an entire valve train and oil system. 

There are pros and cons to both, and the best approach is to do your research based on the factors that are most important to you.

Why are 2-strokes so loud?


Primarily the mechanics of the 2 stroke engine. A 2 stroke fires at every crankshaft cycle whereas a 4 stroke fires every other cycle. 

Other factors include the exhaust design and the presence of a valve train in a 4 stroke, but a 2 stroke firing twice as often is the main reason it is so loud.

How long do torqeedo batteries last?


It depends on the type and size of battery you have. The best way to determine how long your battery will last is to visit the Torqeedo Q&A site.

Are Yamaha outboards reliable?


Yamaha outboards have a reputation for being dependable and easy to repair when that is needed. They are also low maintenance, which means you do not have to be an outboard motor expert to keep it in good shape.

How do you start a Yamaha 2.5 outboard?


You almost always start smaller outboards with a retractable pull-cord. 

Who makes the Tohatsu engine?


The Japanese headquartered company, the Tohatsu Corporation, manufactures Tohatsu outboard. Other outboard motor manufacturers often use Tohatsu outboard motors in the form of partnership agreements. In most partnership cases, the outboard motor is made by Tohatsu, but the label is under the partner’s name (Evenrud, Nissan, Mercury, etc.)

Concluding Remarks


Reliability ranks as one of, if not the, most important factors with any outboard motor. An unreliable outboard motor can ruin a day and even put the operator and any passengers in danger. By choosing one of the three motors featured here, reliability ceases to be a concern, making personal preference regarding motor features the driving force.

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